Florencia Almirón

Florencia Almirón is an Argentinian multimedia artist based in Berlin. Drawing on a transdisciplinary approach within her artistic practice, the artist develops projects that explore the ways in which social, political, and interpersonal forms of power interact with the human body. In her sculptures, videos, installations, public projects, and collaborations with performers, the human body emerges as a contradictory structure in a constant state of resistance and expanded into the concept of apparatus. The affective qualities of the human body, the physical relationship that our bodies negotiate with objects, spaces and materials, and the possibilities of art to question itself within the project of the modern subject, arise through particular methodologies such us free-associative assemblages, intuition, ambiguity, the exploration of suburban areas in relation to social and cultural conditions, and the constant interrelationship between sculpture and body. Recent solo and collective exhibitions took place at Reykjavik National Museum (Iceland), Siemens Sanat (Istanbul), Young Art Biennial (Buenos Aires), Yellow Brick (Athens), Kunstverein Hildesheim (Germany), Märkishes Museum (Germany), London Biennial (Ufer Studios, Berlin). She is a recent recipient of The Navarro Council for the Art for her participation at the Art Residency 100W Corsicana in Texas/US. In 2018 she will have a solo show at Zmud Projects in Buenos Aires.