Art Brussels Online Platform: Radek Brousil, Valentýna Janů, Botond Keresztesi, Pavla Malinová

Announcing our participation in Art Brussels Online Platform, an online art fair organised by Art Brussels — 25% of all of litost’s takings made between 20 May and 21 June 2020 will support local charity NADĚJE’s COVID-19 relief efforts.


We are delighted to announce that lítost will present works by Radek Brousil, Valentýna Janů, Botond Keresztesi and Pavla Malinová in the Art Brussels Online Platform — a new entirely online art fair initiative organised by Art Brussels. lítost is featuring new artworks by one of the artists’, presenting works including ceramics, drawings, paintings and photography.

lítost will donate 25% of all gallery takings made between 20 May and 21 June 2020 to NADĚJE’s COVID-19 relief efforts. NADĚJE is a Czech charity that since its foundation in 1990 continuously provides much-needed assistance to the most vulnerable groups of citizens, including old age pensioners and folks without a home.


To see our online contribution to Art Brussels Online Platform please click here and to receive the list of all available artworks please email Miloslav Vorlíček at [email protected]