Happy End

There is a strange moment in a dense post-industrial city during the summer months. While residents fantasize about an escape to have some time-off, visitors think that they are receiving an imaginary leisure. Happy End reflects on this by bringing together a group of international and local artists to reproduce this summer state of collision and symbiosis in the gallery.

The artworks on display highlight the tacit structures and modes that build on this tense atmosphere. In Łukasz Jastrubczak's work 'Sleeping Cowboy' (2011) the viewer is confronted with the material toll taken by the process of travel, while in Dietrich Meyer’s sculpture 'Are We the Masters of Our Environment, or is it the Other Way Around?' (2018) the relationship between static and live matter exposes the link between fabricated and grown entities. Amina Abbas-Nazari's film 'Complex Cindarellas' (2018) challenges the male-dominated environment of the design world with objects created to be utilised by, empower and emancipate women. Finally, in Jiří Skála's 7-piece photographic series, 'Genres of Everydayness' (2017), we are confronted with the bond between labour and ‘free-time’ itself.

This exhibition is conceived as a cooperation between SVIT and lítost.


  • 14 July - 18 August 2018

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