Finissage: hymns of dazzle machines & Screening: Ikarie XB1

Join us for the finissage of hymns of dazzle machines exhibition — Saturday 20 June 2019 from 6 pm.

hymns of dazzle machines imagines how new technologies will come to affect and shape the human condition and structure the division of labour in society. The works on display critically analyse opposing drives at the juncture between a singular desire for improvement and the potential danger that these developments create.

The event will feature a screening of Ikarie XB1 (1963), a movie directed by Jindřich Polák with a screenplay written by Pavel Juráček. Ikarie XB1 is a science fiction motion picture about a spaceship that 'is on its way to Alfa Centauri to search for extraterrestrial forms of life. Its crew, made up primarily of scientists from various fields, being far from our solar system, is exposed to unknown and unimaginable dangers.'

This exhibition has been kindly supported by the Prague City Hall's Cultural and Arts Grant, Prague 7 City District Authority's Grants Programme for Culture 7 and by Key promotion. The screening has been conceived in collaboration with the National Film Archive.


  • 20 July 2019, 6 p.m.

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