in reverse

in reverse is an event exploring subjects that surround the idea of ‘leisure’, marking the finissage of the exhibition Happy End. New works by Eva Urbanová and Kirill Litviak will be premiered alongside a screening of Angolan artist Binelde Hyrcan’s film ‘Cambeck‘ (2011). In this movie, Hyrcan playfully examines themes of poverty, migration and inequality through the eyes of four young boys playing in a chauffeured car made of sand. Slovakian dancer and choreographer Eva Urbanová will present a new performance developed specifically in response to the subject of the exhibition, while a Russian musician and composer Kirill Litviak will premiere a new experimental sound piece commissioned for this event. 

This event will conclude Happy End, an exhibition that reflects on a strange moment in a dense post-industrial city during the summer months. The show explores the subjects of ’leisure’ and of ’free time’ by bringing together a group of international and local artists to reproduce this summer state of collision and symbiosis in the gallery.


SVIT, Blanická 9, Prague 2, 120 000, Czech republic