NADA Miami 2019: Botond Keresztesi

Making its debut at NADA Miami, lítost presents a solo display of new work by Romanian/Hungarian artist Botond Keresztesi.

Keresztesi has produced an in-situ mural following his signature style of surreal virtual landscapes made with paint and airbrush. Works on canvas are hosted within and on top of the mural completing the composition. The paintings are individual works that travel in and out of these temporary worlds.

Keresztesi’s paintings refer to worlds that are simultaneously unknown and familiar. Elements from everyday life mix with Art History, images from imagined futures, and the retro-futuristic projects of past centuries. These drawings are an implosion of history. In essence, they are flattened time into the primordial realisation of the two-dimensional image, which acts as a proto-digital space. The flatness of representation brings layers, time, and geography into surreal connections in space.

Keresztesi’s paintings, collaged onto the painted mural will see a world of insect warriors in abstract spatial planes – a universe parallel to ours made of references to digital space and modernism. The insect warriors are tribal while also being techno-futuristic drones. Keresztesi’s practice often features these natural bodies accompanied by technological enhancements and prosthetics. The legacy of Suprematism and geometric abstraction lives on in contemporary depictions of space. Digital software programmes have made this space real – a blank canvas to fill with our dreams.

The works are a contemporary vision of distracted attention. With an overcapacity of images and overproduction of objects, short-circuiting memories flatten the plane of history. Keresztesi’s site-specific paintings emulate places of every day – the unused spaces are commemorated as the place for the creation of new culture. In the mixture of ancient and futuristic, high and low, culture is defined as new forms of content, new remixes of the existing, and cyclical spontaneous layers of reality.


  • 5 December - 8 December 2019